We don't cut corners, we clean them!


Thank you for choosing You've Got It Maid!

This is our New Client Page to answer the most common questions and issues that arise when beginning service with us.



Payment should be left on the kitchen counter on the day of service.

We accept checks,Venmo and Cash. Payment is due on the date of service.


On the first visit, you can meet us at the home to let us in, or we can coordinate a secure way for us to access your home. 

Cleaning Supplies & Vacuum

We provide everything except vacuum. That said, if you have particular products you like used on certain items, please leave those out on the kitchen counter along with a note that has instructions. 

Changing Sheets

If you’d like linens changed, just leave clean sheets out on the bed/s you'd like changed - that's our signal to change them.


We love pets and want to make sure they feel comfortable. If you have pets, let us know their names and any special instructions about them that you think might be helpful.



If you have some extra tasks you’d like done (oven cleaning, sweeping the porch, etc) email Taylor to inquire. We may be able to add one-time or recurring tasks.

Cancellation Policy

We don't have a formal cancellation policy. We try not to cancel and we hope you'll do the same. That said, it happens from time to time. Please give us as much notice as possible, and we will do the same for you. If someone in your home has a true flu, let us know asap. We will reschedule your clean.

Fragile or Broken Items

Our housekeepers are trained to be careful and respectful with your belongings. Let us know in advance if an item is fragile or already broken so we'll know to use extra caution. Let us know too about any fragile or broken items that you would like us NOT to clean so we can make note to avoid those things.